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Can someone correct my article please?

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    You've spent several semesters at school, working hard and have decided to take a trip during spring break. You and your friends know where you're going, what you plan to wear, and whom you plan to meet while you are there, however, did anyone think about what to do if something unexpected happens while you're traveling? You did research for all your school assignments, so why not for your vacation?
    First of all, traveling is visiting interesting places and meeting new people. It is connected with getting to know other cultures and traditions, which is surely valuable, and also can broaden the opportunities to learn different languages.
    Secondly, it is usually said that journeys educate people, so with traveling we can expand our general knowledge. This also helps us become more open-minded, tolerant, and ready to cope with the surrounding world.
    Furthermore, traveling is a psychological necessity, especially for people who have stressful jobs. Let's think about tourists who are coming in. As a result, you can fall prey to con-men; thieves who know exactly what to look for when they're attempting to snag your purse or wallet.
    Have you ever thought about what the effects on people's communication skills?
    They frequently feel nervous, either through excitement or through anxiety about what is to come. How often has one heard: "Where I come from, it isn't done like this," or "We do it this way," Not only can we have a negative experience, when we visit a new country, but the place itself may be noisy and overcrowded. As a result, the high-interesting place this to higher and higher prices, traffic jams and tradition changes; people do anything to earn money.
    Though, as the picture shows, traveling is a very good way of spending quality time in that country and with friends. Traveling helps you educate yourself and others, give impressions, nice memories and make friends. It's your call, but think about this article next time you travel!

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