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Why does Macdonal's slogan go like this?

I notice that in Macdonal's slogan "i'm lovin' it" they use "i" and "lovin' " instead of "I" and "loving".
Why? Just for looking cool and different? In order to attract teenagers?

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Additional Details:And I was told by grammar book that "love" can not be used in progressive tense.

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    Some stative verbs (like, love, etc.) can be used in the progressive if the meaning is something like more and more.

    For example:

    Mona: I want to tell you something.
    Tom: What?
    Mona: When I first met you, I didn't really like you.
    Tom: Really?
    Mona: But the more I know you, the more I am likING you.


    Maybe we can say that McDonald's slogan means something like:

    I am lovING the food at McDonald's more and more every day.

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