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What should the answer be?

(You say it when you don't approve something or It doesn't feel right to you)

A. I won't go to school anymore.
B. ........................

A. I'll go beat him.
B. ........................

A. I'll divorce my wife.
B. ........................"

If I say "" No way! " Is it the correct phrase for all of them? Or what would you say?

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    Nah. "No way!" is either used as an expression of disbelief (e,g, "I went to the moon last week." "No way!"), or to stop someone from doing something involving YOU (e.g. "I'm going to push you away from the door if you don't let me through." "There's no way I'm letting you use this door!").

    The answer to A could be "Yes you will!" (if you're in a position of authority) or "You shouldn't do that" (if you're not in a position of authority).

    The answer to B could be "No you won't," or "I can't let you do that."

    The answer to C could be "I disapprove," or "That's a bad idea".

    Unfortunately, there are MANY other ways I could respond to those sentences depending on my exact mood and in what position I'm in to challenge the person, so I can't give you a clear answer. All of those things I said COULD be used, but they don't HAVE to be used. All I can tell you for certain is that "No way!" simply wouldn't work for any of the three unless you can physically prevent the person from doing it, in which case you could say "There's no way I'm letting you do that!", like I explained in the first sentence. However, since you'd usually not have the ability to stop a person from doing any of these three things, it's unlikely that you'll get the chance to use that retort.

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