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    this is incorrect. not 持意 I think it is 特意
    特意 is an adv 特意+verb means do something for a special purpose.
    我过来看你。 I come here to visit you (maybe he comes here to visit him and to do other things).
    我 特意 过来看你。 I come here specially to visit you. (he comes here to just visit him, he has no any other purpose.)

    我想应该是坚持自己想法的意思。google翻译是insist on。

    for a special purpose。
    for the purpose of。。。。

    no such word as 持意. i think it's a typo. and the right one is 特意, it means "intentionally", "on purpose".
    also the word "执意" in other people's answers means "insist".
    "特意"(on purpose) in this sentence makes more sense.

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