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how old are u in korean!!

How can i say "how old are you" in korean !! and should i use the korean sino numbers or the native ones ?? and is it true that there is a korean age !!! how can i know mine ? :D 감사합니

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    the construction of a question depends on who are you asking
    몇 살이야? - when asking a kid or a person way younger than you / lower by social status
    몇 살이에요? - children, not so young, but still younger than you
    나이가 어떻게 돼요? - for someone of your age or status or a bit younger/lower
    연세가 어떻게 되세요? - when asking senior person (older or higher)

    be cautious when talking or asking to seniors or strangers ;)

    I can't help you out for most of this question, but yes there is a Korean age. When you are born you are 1 years old (they include the time when you are in your mom even though its 8 months). Then everyone ages up on the same day. the new year. So to find out your age take this year minus the year you were born then add 1. I hope that helped.

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