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说本 = ? when can we use this, and a few examples if possible?

说本 = ? when can we use this, and a few examples if possible?
(to me it means = said, but i know 本= present/originally.)

also, i am struggling with the unlimited amount of phrases such as
谈得来 = able to get on with/ or talk, but there are so many and to me
its not a logical thing to understand even 想不出。

Is there a list somewhere of these? or does anyone have a easy way of remembering these?
maybe a few examples?

Additional Details:

Additional Details:and stuff like 猜得出 - very difficult to understand when hearing on first instance.
any ideas or simple examples how i can build my knowledge base to understand these straight away?

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    as far as i know, there's no such thing called "说本" in daily Chinese. what's the word called in English that you want to know in Chinese?

    phrases like 谈得来 might be a little difficult to understand if you are a beginner. but they are simple, you can just remember them and gradually understand them better with your knowledge of Chinese increasing. i don't know if there's a list for phrases like that.

    if it helps, allow me to try explain it in this way. 谈 means talk, 得 is a character often used after a verb and followed by an adjective, it often means if you are able to do something in the sense of the verb that follows. ---> so you can apply this pattern when you see similar phrases in the future: V得A can literally be interpreted "someone/somebody is able to do(V) sth in the sense of A".

    in your case, 谈(talk,chat)+得+来(come, here it means close. imagine that people "come" together=close) means people get along well when it comes to chating/talking, and that indicates they have similar hobbies or interests.

    猜得出=猜(guess)+得+出(out): 出 is out, here you can imagine something comes out of somewhere so that you can see it, it's not hiding anymore. so in this phrase, 猜得出 means you can guess sth right(out).


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