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What does 겸디 mean?

My korean friend and I were talking one day, I can understand quite alot Korean and she uses alot of slang and abbreviations haha. So I can get pretty confused, when she told me to sleep she sended me: "잘자융 겸디". I was pretty tired so I just went to bed. But now I'm pretty curious about that word 겸디... Does it mean something like "cute kid"? Thanks in advance ♥♥

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    잘자융 겸디 = 잘 자요 귀염둥이, 겸디 = 귀염둥이, 겸디 is a kind of slang expression meaning 'cutie', started in the internet. Some people write down the word as it pronounced, 귀염둥이 as 겸디, 학원 as 하건. If you pronounce '귀염둥이' fairly fast, you can make '겸디' sound. There is another expression -융 in 잘자융(유+ㅇ, a dialect accent of 요). 융(용) is just a kind of ending that makes the sentence sound cute. -유 ending is usually used in Chung Chung province, in the middle of South Korea.

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