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Is there any other time to say 여보세요?

I know you would use 여보세요 on the phone, but is there any other time to use it.

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    Hi Zora,

    Yes, there are other times you use it.

    Though, it is not in common usage in Korea these days. Technically, 여보세요 is used whenever you're not sure who you're talking to.

    For example,

    (Walking into a dark, dreary thrift shop) 여보세요? 안에 아무도 없나요? (Hello, is there anybody in?)

    You use 여보세요 here because you're talking to an unspecified person. Actually, this was the "original" usage of the word 여보세요 before the telephone came to be. Naturally, Korean people started to say 여보세요 on the phone because when you first pick up the phone you don't know who you're talking to.

    That said, in these days, the expression 저기요 (excuse me) replaces 여보세요 in almost every single situation, and 여보세요 is virtually only used on the phone.

    Hope this helped.

    네, 조라 입니다. can be a possible answer or you can say just 네, 말씀하세요.

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