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Prepositions: Carrie Nations & prohibition of alcohol

By praying outside saloons, throwing rocks in saloon windows, and destroying saloons with her hatchet, _____.
A. prohibiting alcohol by Carrie Nation
B. alcohol was prohibited by Carrie Nation
C. Carrie Nations work for the prohibition of alcohol
D. Carrie Nation worked to prohibit alcohol

Note: I am bad with prepositions, so I was having hard time picking the better answer out of C. and D. Why is C. incorrect? (Because Carrie Nations is misspelled or the verb “work” missed either “-ed” or “-s”?)
I guess my question is: are both Sentence1 and Sentence2 correct?
“ Carrie Nation worked for a cause.” --- Sentence1
“ Carrie Nation worked for the prohibition of alcohol.” --- Sentence2

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    D is correct because Carrie worked in the past, so it has to be past tense.

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