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How important is it to use 은\는 and 를\을?

In a lot of songs and in dramas I often hear sentences without 은\는 and 를\을. Is it just really informal or are there situations where they're not needed?

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    I'd say in casual speech, 은/는 and 을/를 are almost always omitted, unless you want to emphasize the subject (in the case of 은,는) or the object (in the case of 을,를).

    Otherwise, using 은/는/을/를 makes the speech sound really formal. And you don't want to sound too formal in songs or in dramas, so i'd say that's why.


    1. 나 그 드라마 봐. I watch that drama. (most common in everyday speech.)

    2. 나 그 드라마를 봐. I watch that "drama" (but not the reality show).

    3. 나는 그 드라마 봐. "I" watch that drama. (but you probably don't.)
    This above sentence can be also used when you want to direct the focus of the conversation towards yourself. ("As for me," I watch that drama.)

    4. 저는 그 드라마를 봅니다. I watch that drama. (formal).
    You would only hear this kind of sentence if somebody were to give a presentation about tv dramas.

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