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선생님은 학생에게 이름이 뭐냐고 여쭤 보셨다

Can you please help understand why is it so exactly? :)
Um.. ok..
I've been going through topik test 29 어휘 중급 and question 20 asks me following:

다음 밑줄 친 부분이 틀린 것을 고르십시오 (Choose the wrong one among underlined)

1. 할아버지를 역까지 _모시고_ 갔다

2. 추석 때 온 가족이 할머니 _댁_에 모였다

3. 내일이 아버지의 _생신_이라서 선물을 샀다

4. 선생님은 학생에게 이름이 뭐냐고 _여쭤_ 보셨다

So, I choose 4th, which (as I found out later checking the answers) was correct.
I understood exact meanins of first 3sentences and kinda understood the meaning of 4th sentence - I didn't know the meaning of 여쭈다, but I guess it's something like "to ask". Also I figured out that first 3 sentences use honorific words and they looked OK, but the last one - I didn't know the meaning of the word and I just gave it a shot, hoping it's wrong one. But why it's wrong one? This one I couldn't understand, so I'm asking your help!

I checked several dictionaries, including 국어 사전..(to be cont)

Additional Details:

Дополнительная информация:so I checked dictionaries, but nothing gave me a slight hint on where to use 여쭈다, is it honorifc word or not, can it be replaced by 묻다 and so on.. And since 4th sentence was wrong, I can guess that 여쭈다 is not honorific word, then what verb instead of 여쭈다 should be used and where the use of 여쭈다 is appropriate?

Thank you!

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    I believe 여쭈다 is only used when you address to someone who has a higher position than you. So in your example it would not make a case to use that for the teacher. If you reverse the characters then it is perfect.

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