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    想起-To recall something, to have something come to mind, to remember something (after trying to recall it).

    Example: 我倒底把錢包放到哪裏去了呢!啊!我想起來了。我放在餐卓上。(Where in the world did I put my wallet? Ah, I remember now. I put it on the dining table.)

    The primary difference between 記住 and 記得 is one of emphasis. Both mean "to remember" something, in the sense of not forgetting to do something. The prior has a more pronounced sense of "to learn by heart" or to "learn a lesson."

    So you would say 記住,人生短暫,不要讓往事毀了你一生。(Remember, life is short, let not the past destroy your life.)

    On the other hand, 記得 is much more casual, as if you're asking someone to remember getting the milk during the grocery run, or to remind someone to do something. 冰箱的牛奶快喝光了,記得下班回家前在路上買一瓶牛奶喔。(The milk in the fridge is almost gone, remember (don't forget) to buy a bottle of milk on the way home from work.)

    Or 記得明天是媽媽的生日…(Remember it's Mom's birthday tomorrow). If you say 記住明天是媽媽的生日, it would sound as if you have forgotten it for the last several years and the speaker is admonishing you not to fail to remember it this year.

    If anything,"记住" will be more formal.
    E.g. 回家的时候,记得买个包子
    E.g. 回家的时候,记住要买个包子(Remenber add a "要" after the “记住”,and that will be more fluent)
    "想起"means that you've forgotten.something.And all of a suddent, it just pops into your head.
    E.g. 看到她,我想起了我的前女友。

    记得提醒我给我妈妈打电话。 remind me to call my mother.
    there is an important example: 我想起来了。
    for example, u forget a french word "bonjour", but ur friend said a french word "bon", when u hear "bon", u can say: ah , it("bon") reminds me! it is "bonjour". in this case, chinese say: 啊,我想起来了!(ah, it reminds me!)

    记住 and 记得 are about "remember" but they are different.
    记住 is about "do not forget something in the future"
    记得 is about "have not forgotten something in the pass"
    记住你做了什么! remember what u did!------it means "no matter when I ask u about what u did, for example in 1 day, in 2 day, in a year, anyway in the future, u must be able to tell me what u did clearly, u cant forget what u did."
    another example, when ur teacher teach u something, he could ask u "记住了吗?"----"have u remembered this?"

    你记得你做了什么吗?---have u remembered what u did?
    我记得我已经把钱还给你了。----i remember I have already given ur money back.
    u see, 记得 means "did not forget something in the pass"
    记住 means "do not forget something in the future"

    if u know about the french,
    记住:retenir / se souvenir
    记得:souvenir / se souvenir

    想起 it means something(such as a book ,a person ,or a movie ,everything) remind you of something
    记住 you should keep something in mind,like the things you should remember to do
    记得 you still remember something you or others did in the past

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