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When is 先輩 (せんぱい) used and to whom? ^_^

Also, is it informal or formal to say it to others?


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    先輩 originally means some one who was born before you or started doing something before you did in a particular area such as a professional environment or academia

    And 先輩 is NOT an informal word. You can use it in both casual and formal situation. Please don't be afraid of using this word in formal situations.

    It's a difficult problem.
    According to my dictionary, it's "one's older", "one's senior", "one's elder" or "one's superior".
    But in reality, there isn't right word as "先輩" in English.
    So we have to say word in another way.

    And "先輩" is informal.
    It isn't used in the official.

    In school, 先輩 mean your upper-classmen. In a work setting it can mean someone who has been working at the company since before you arrived. It can be used in formal and informal settings and is simply a politer way to address someone who is in some way your senior. It can be used by itself or it can be attached to the end of someone's name as an honorific, like さん、ちゃん、or くん。

    poisonous apple さん answer とってもいいです(^^)boro vaier moto kauke use korte,collage jara tomar cheye boro tader protio use korte paro(withous tercher or boss ;)
    casual & formal* がんばって try it!




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