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中国人很能吃苦 !!


This phrase according to my book means: "chinese people can endure a lot of hardships".

Is this correct? 对不对?
I don't understand, because here we have the verb 吃, which means "to eat"?


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    Good translation!
    Your second question: You are correct because "吃" means "to eat" LITERALLY. In this sentence, "吃" has the implication "to endure", "to tolerate" and this "吃" adds strength to the meaning.

    ur translation is perfect!

    "吃" siempre significa ¨comer¨
    pero en esta frase significa aguantar


    吃苦 is a slang phrase for "endure hardship"


    Chinese use 吃 for a lot of things, not only for food.
    eg. 吃醋 jealousy for your lover
    吃亏 at a disadvantage, in an unfavorable situation, suffer losses

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