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how could we prevent environmental problems?

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    the prevention lies in our hands and our greed! The answer exist in the history if go through the pages of book I called "Human Mistakes". We are dying to lead a life which costs severe damages! Our environment has been sick of seeing humans cutting humans! Yeah....Thanks to Deforestation that helps us decorate our world! But sadly for animals that always have to make sacrifices against their will....You know why?...Because they know the fact this super clever creation can not stop its shameful endless desire for letting go of the key roles that the animals have had in our life! so the key to stop the tragedy is to help increase people knowledge and let them know the world needs protection and without it we have no chance to live on this plant which has been a great home for our ancestors for many years!

    In my opinion, the first thing we have to do is to be aware of the probleme we are facing, Abed has described the situation with great sensitivity.
    Individually we can do many things like Roza has said.
    On the other side, govermentes aren´t doing much as Lena points, so as citizens, we should demand our politicians to take action, support an environmental organization and vote for the political party that has measures against climate change in its program.

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