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which one is correct ? Prepositions


Send the details in this email.

Send the details on this email

Send the details through this email

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    "Send the details on this email" does not work UNLESS you mean to tell the person to send you details ABOUT or CONCERNING some other email, not necessarily by means of using the email. But even if that is what you mean, "about" or "concerning" would be better words to use.

    "through" works, but sounds a little awkward. "In" is the best choice. "With" would also work.

    All three work perfectly. Keep it Going!

    The all work but, for different reasons.

    "Send the details in this e-mail." or "Send the details on this e-mail." is a more vague response.

    "Send the details through this e-mail." is a more thorough evaluation of the e-mail.

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