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이게 바른 말인 가요?

나의 개 사랑해요!
I want to say I love my dog. But would I use 의 to show possession? Also are the words in the right order?

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    I'm not entirely sure, but I think you'd say:
    "우리/(저희) 개를 사랑해(요)." I think.. Sorry ><

    내 강아지 정말 사랑스러워 or 내 강아지 정말 이뻐! you can say this word to express "to show possession."

    나의 강아지를 사랑해요. 나의(x) 내(o) ->

    우리 강아지를 사랑해요. -> 우리(x) we(not), I(나의, 내)(right)

    In this sentence, 내 is better than 나의.

    I hope it will help^^

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