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Can anyone explain me the difference between Simple Past and Present Perfect?

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    When you use Past Simple, you speak about situations that was in the past.
    Ex.: Shakespear wrote "Romeo and Juliet". (Author is dead now, situation happened in the past.)
    When you use Present Perfect you mean that situation was in the past but result is now.
    Ex.: Paulo Coelho has written "O Alquimista". (Author is alive now and that is his experience for now.)


    Simple past is for things that started and finished in the past. Present perfect is for things that started in the past, continue until right now, and may continue until some time in the future. Examples:

    I worked for IBM for three years. (I do not work for them anymore)
    I have worked for IBM for three years. (I started working for them in early 2010, I still work for them, and I will continue for an indefinite time in the future)


    It's very easy:

    Past simple describes the past. Past tenses NEVER describe the present.

    Present perfect uses a past action to describe the present.

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