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how to be a good communicator ?

the prob of most people who try to talk a language that is not their mother tongue . precisely English since I am an English student , most of the student feel a sort of hesitation or confusion & that make the student hardly to convey his message , I just want to know the prob here, is it natural to feel that ? or is it a prob in the student's personality ? or the luggage of the student bout the language isn't enough to express anything he or she wants ???? , however s/he can not feel such feeling when speaking his/her official language .

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    A good communicator and a good speaker in my mind two different things A communicator is someone who can get someone to understand his thoughts or feelings . A speaker is someone who speaks a particular language . I think it is natural to feel as though you can not express yourself well when learning a new language. It takes patience to learn a language, remember you did not wake up 1 day knowing how to speak your own language. It has taken you years to learn that language as well. I would like to help you learn English if you are interested, please contact me.

    You need a lot of practice in different situations in order to speak a second language fluently. Also native speakers talk fast, so a learner may find it difficult to catch what they are saying. There are also regional differences in pronunciation. You need to also increase your vocabulary so that you are not grasping for words.If you can do so, I recommend going on a language exchange visit to the country where you can practise your second language.

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