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In Spanish when do you roll your "r"s?


In Spanish how do you know when and when not to roll you "r"s?

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    When it's doubled. You roll your "r"s when you say "perro" but you only tap your tongue gently on the roof of your mouth when you say "pero" (it almost sounds like "pedo" but with a very soft "d"). I'm not a native speaker, but a Peruvian linguist explained this to me a while back.

    When you find "rr" between two vocals you need to roll.
    With "r" in the begining of one word you need to roll
    When you have "r" only one between two vocals.
    and you need to mix mit "tr", "dr", "cr" "br", "fr", "gr", "pr", "vr" without to roll your thongue, you take the sound where you produce the sound of the consonant bevor "r"


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