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Which number system do I use for ordinal numbers? Are there different counters, too?


This is the third time I've eaten here.
He came in first place.
I told the story twice.

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    첫번째 once 첫째 first
    두번째 twice 둘째 second
    세번째 three times 셋째 third
    네번째 four times 넷째 fourth
    다섯번째 five times 다섯째 fifth
    여섯번째 six times 여섯째 sixth
    일곱번째 seven times 일곱째 seventh
    여덟번째 eight times 여덟째 eighth
    아홉번째 9 times / 9th
    열번째 10 times/ 10th
    열한번째 11 times / 11th
    열두번째 12 times / 12th
    열세번째 13 times / 13th
    열네번째 14 times / 14th
    열다섯번재 15 times / 15th
    스무번째 20 times / 20th
    스물한번째 21 times / 21st

    백번째 one hundred times / one hundredth
    백한번째 one hundred and one times / one hundred and first
    백두번째 102nd
    백세번째 103rd
    천번째 1000th
    천한번째 1001st

    한번 once
    두번 twice
    세번 3 times
    네번 4 times
    다섯번 5 times
    여섯번 6 times

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