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any improvement ? i find it too simple

XX jewellers have confidence in exploiting the booming Chinese market through the XX project.” After a brief introduction of it, they have a further discussion on the future cooperation.

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    Hard to say what you mean by "it" in the second sentence.

    By "of it," what do you mean? There are several nouns in the singular in the previous sentence that could be the antecedent for "it." Is it "confidence"? "Market"? "Project"? Although logic dictates that you probably mean "project," there are at least three possibilities, so it is best to write out what you mean by "it."

    While (mostly) grammatically correct, you could rewrite the sentence so that it sounds more natural -

    XX (jewelers) are confident that they can profit from the booming Chinese market through their YY project. After a brief pilot project, the (company) will engage in further discussions on potential future collaborations.

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