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忍住:我想要知道怎么用。 谢谢!

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    It means to "hold back," "withstand," "refrain from doing something."

    For example, you can say, 那個人常常胡說八道,但是我忍住不拆穿。
    That person often tells lies, but I hold back from revealing his ways.

    I really have to relieve myself, but I can't find a public restroom, so I just have to hold it.

    Hope this helps.

    E.g 忍住,救护车马上就来了。
    E.g 10点钟了,我很饿,可是现在没食堂开门,我只好忍住不吃东西。

    if u just use this word "忍住" alone in some cases, it means exactly in english "hold it"
    if 忍住 is located in some phrase, it means "stand" or "bear"
    我忍不住了! I cant stand it!

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