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How does one interpret these phrases?


The LT started a round of applause. We’d been told to maintain noise and light discipline, but that had all gone out the window with the camera crew and the colonel’s half-assed Patton imitation. I could tell the colonel was disappointed.

How does one interpret this phrase: maintain noise and light discipline?
PS: In the previous paragraph, the colonel had delivered a speech to motivate the soldiers?

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    From what I'm getting (more context would be useful, as always), they were instructed to keep the noise level down (i.e. quiet) and stay focused on the speech. Since they started clapping, the colonel is disappointed that they didn't follow their orders to be quiet.

    However, this is quite an odd reaction from the colonel, seeing as how the entire point of a motivational speech is to make people loud and excited and, well, motivated. The notion that he's angry that his soldiers did what he was supposedly trying to get them to do is very weird. He should be HAPPY that they started clapping after his speech. Again, I can't really figure this out entirely without more to read.

    As soldiers, in a camp, they had been asked to keep quiet & show no bright lights.

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