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我得到的一些回答说是not possible, 对吗?

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    Perhaps the issue is not that it cannot be said easily, but that for each thing you say, English might use a different expression. I mean one expression used multiple ways in Chinese might be multiple expressions in English & vice versa.

    I can only guess the difference between 大不了 & 没事, but I will try anyway.

    Slang: It's no big thing
    Street jive: Ain't no thing. (implies not a big thing)
    It's not special, I'm not going to be doing it.
    Sorry, I did not get the "not possible" thing.
    ”没什么了不起的,大不了我不做了。“ 应该相当于说 “没什么了不起的,反正我不想做了” 吧。。(我也不太确定。)
    It is not a big deal, anyway I would like not to do it.
    not a big deal:就是没什么大不了的意思。
    非喜勿喷> <

    nothing to lose (no big deal) , i quit
    怎麼樣,老子就是不幹了 這是比較直接的說法(跟老闆對幹了)

    anyway, I think i am not suitable for this job

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