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What would you do if the money was no object?

It's sad but a lot of people have to spend them life doing works that they dont enjoy just to get money but if you could choose the path that you used to want when you were a child, what would you do??

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    I would be a bus driver ))

    When you decide about you, and you're responsable for you. Then you can do that you wished when you was child. then you have all the time the opportunity for to be that you like. Risk is the way!!!!

    I'm ethnologist and dancer and I would be ethnologist and dancer again.

    That's all. Simple.


    Pues, creo que estoy contento con lo que, muy similar como tu. Soy médico y científico, izquierdista y intelectual. Me falta solamente el tiempo de estar todo. Pero me gusta la pregunta. Saludos de Noruega a México.

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