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what does that "bodies are augmented" mean?

Ms. Antonelli is less interested in the form of the mark than its role in creating global networks. Like video games, the @ symbol is our passport to enter the digital realm, at the border between flesh and technology. Ms. Antonelli sees design potential in “the space between human and digital,” she noted last week. This is the frontier of science fiction where bodies are augmented by empowering prosthetics — the scenarios of “The Six Million Dollar Man” and the 1999 David Cronenberg film “eXistenZ.” Except Ms. Antonelli believes that such clumsy enhancements will ultimately evolve into a seamless interface between human and digital, with the mind as controller.

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问题补充:actually, I don't understand this part: where bodies are augmented by empowering prosthetics.does the author mean "design potential is the frontier of science fiction's frontier?"

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    Augmented- made in greater size or value. So it means humans bodies are given greater size or/and value by the empowering prosthetics.

    Hope this helps^^


    Augmented means changed, usually in an unnatural way.\

    Hope this clears things up!

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