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i wonder about one thing... could you study music in korean high school or is it only on higher education you can do that?
In norway you have kindergarden, Primary school (to 13) and midle school from you are 13-16.... when you take exams in middle school you have to make a highschool application to get in to schools... we have different schools like music/Dance/drama, Health and sosial, PE, Food... etc.. but do they have anything like that in korea or is it only on universities you can choose what to do?

btw... is it spesial schools for me as a foreginer has to atend if im going to try out a korean highschool or university? (im norwegian but i talk very good english...)

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    Yes, there are music schools (high schools) for which you have to take an audition to get into. I know so because my mom went to a music high school. She majored in piano.

    There are also job schools, sports schools, art schools, foreign-language schools, science schools etc. But they also require an audition or an entrance exam. Regular high schools usually don't require any auditions/entrance exams.

    Private schools are open to foreigners, but public schools are free and only offered for Korean citizens. There are several "foreign" schools, too, which is open only to foreigners (or Koreans who lived abroad for a long time).

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