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Help me please with sentence translation

Help me please with translation 微妙に言語が崩壊してない?
Full text: Person A「・・・・・・何気にダメ人間の正しい模範みたいですよね、鈴さんって」
Person B「なんだよそれー。微妙に言語が崩壊してない?」
Person A「そうですか?」
Thank you very much for help!

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    Actually the correspondence doesn't really make sense since they are talking things "in the conversation flow."

    微妙に and 何気に : both mean 「どちらかと言うと.」 which is "kida" in English.
    崩壊 means break down (but in this case, =doesn't make sense)
    ダメ人間 = ne'er-do-well / loser
    模範 = standard / good (the best) example
    言語 = Usually this means language, but, in this case, it means what A is talking about (Usually this means language)

    So the direct translation would be:

    A. You are kinda the best example of ne'er-do-well, aren't you, Suzuki-san?
    B. What the hell? What's you're saying kinda doesn't make sense, does it?
    A. You think so?

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