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Turkish grammar and prefix/suffice changes?


I have several questions, please list your responses accordingly:
1) In Turkish are the adjectives before or after the noun?
2) How do adverbs work?
3) How do I you know when a word should become a prefix or a suffix to a root word?

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    Hello! 1- In Turkish, adjectives always come before the noun! Ex: mavi gökyüzü: blue sky küçük kız: little girl soğuk hava: cold weather 2- Adverbs always come before the verb, but they do not necessarily have to be RIGHT BEFORE the verb. Adverbs are called "zarflar" in Turkish. Check this page out for various examples: 3- Can you give some examples? We don't have prefixes in Turkish, it's all about suffixes!

    Moya replied the questions but I would like to add something. There are a few prefixes in Turkish. You have to learn them: siyah (black) - simsiyah (very black).

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