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Haben "Wollen" und "Wünschen" die gleiche Bedeutung?


Seems to be they have the same meaning.
But if you write a sentence, can it be wrong if you choose one instead of the another?
Can you give me some examples how to use them properly?

Vielen Danke im Voraus

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    Hello Jessica.

    The phrase with WILL could be like this: Ich will ein buch schreiben. (I wish/want to write a book)
    And the phrase with wünsche: Ich wünsche dir glück. (I wish you luck)

    Both can be understood as wishes but it depends what are you trying to say.

    Hope you understood. If you have any doubts just ask.


    Hello Jessica,
    additional to Anelise's answer, some examples and a further hint:
    "wollen" is stronger than "wünschen", you use the word "wünschen" for example if you are not sure of the occurence.

    "Ja, ganz sicher, ich will ein Pferd."
    ("Yes, for sure, I want to have a horse.")

    "Wir wollen eine Wohnung kaufen (und sind auf der Suche)."
    ("We want to buy a flat (and are already looking for one).")

    "Ich wünsche mir einmal nach Dubai zu fliegen".
    ("I wish to fly to Dubai once.")

    "Ich wünsche mir, dass ihr anständig seid" ("I want you to be honest" -> parents can't be sure if their children follow the rules ;) )

    Hope this helps...

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