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How to say pronoun “this,that and it”

I konw there are "dieser diese dieses..." But how can i choose the right pronoun to replace a sentence?
EX,"I want to buy some apples" "This(It) is OK!"
How to say this(it) here?Should I use dieser or diese or dieses?

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    Okay. I'll explain this in English for you.

    First, "dieser/diese/dieses" are the CONJUGATIONS of "dies". "dieser" is male, "diese" is female, and "dieses" is neutral; they are modified based on the gender of the noun they're applied to.

    So, for instance, "this apple", since "apple" is a male word, would be "dieser Apfel".

    However, and this is quite important, Germans do not have as much of a distinction between "this" and "that" (that is, "dies" and "das" in German). In fact, using "dies" is frequently a weird sound to a native German in a situation where it might be perfectly natural to an English speaker (or possibly a Mandarin speaker, but I have no knowledge of Mandarin).

    The sentences you put there happen to be affected by this lack of a distinction. A native German speaker would expect "das" instead of "dies" in many situations.

    So the translation of those sentences would be:

    "Ich will einige Äpfel kaufen." "Das ist okay!" (This is a slightly weird way to respond to that sentence, by the way, but I'm assuming you're just using it as a quick example).

    And, to answer your original question of "which version should be used", the answer is none. Even if we assume "dies" should be used in this manner (but I must stress that it shouldn't), we would use the non-conjugated base word, because there is no noun it is modifying; it IS the noun (or rather, the pronoun). So the sentence would be, "Dies ist okay!"

    Hopefully that answers your question. If you are confused, however, just tell me and I'll try to simplify it.

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