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A gap year?

what is that?

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    Here in New Zealand - a gap year is most often taken between school and tertiary study (usually university). It would be taken as either working in a somewhat menial job, or perhaps working overseas.
    It's not common for students to take a gap year after university here. The are usually too poor and in debt.
    The phrase would definitely not be used as a replacement for 'sabbatical' - which is considerably more professional than just 'taking a year off'.

    A gap year is a chiefly British term for a sabbatical (aka an extended break from social, familial, or professional duties). It's typically taken by graduating students before they enter into the workplace, and it doesn't necessarily have to be a year long.

    Entrenched professionals also take sabbaticals, however. Professors in particular are expected to take sabbaticals in order to work on their research projects, and in many countries (not just English-speaking ones) people in other careers will also be given long breaks.

    The United States is a bit of an exception to the sabbatical rule, actually. Due to a variety of social factors, the US workaholic culture looks down upon the concept of "gap years"; for many professions, even one- or two-week vacations are extremely lengthy breaks.

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