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What is that mean “brunch”?

What is brunch mean ?
First situation : You do not eat breakfast and lunch in the moring ( 8 am)and noon (12 am),and just eat something at 10 am, is that brunch or something else ?
Second situation :If you eat breakfast at 8 am,eat your lunch 12 am,but you eat something at 10 pm, is that brunch or what ?
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    Yes, partially. Brunch is considered to be the "meal between breakfast and lunch", but time is not the only factor. A brunch is also determined by the available cuisine AND the social setting. It typically combines heavy breakfast items and lunch staples together in a buffet-styled setting (with many people present).

    For instance, if I wake up at 10 AM and eat a bowl of cereal, that's not brunch. That's just a late breakfast. And if I wake up at the same time to eat a bowl of chips and a hoagie sandwich, that's an early lunch.

    However, if I'm at a family reunion, and we have a huge table of food that ranges from turkey sandwiches to bagels to fancy danishes to a selection of soups, THEN that's a brunch.

    So to reiterate, a brunch must be held at a time between normal breakfast/lunch times (that's typically 9-12 AM), AND there must be a large selection of foods that would normally only be available or expected during either breakfast or lunch, AND there must be several diners present. If any of these conditions are not met, then you're simply having either a late breakfast or an early lunch.


    It does depend a bit on the situation. Usually brunch is something you do with friends - and go out for. It is also when it is a 'proper' meal. You wouldn't normally call a snack brunch.
    But yes - One meal at 10 would usually be called brunch.


    Brunch is a combination of the two words "breakfast" and "lunch"

    Br + unch = brunch.

    It is a mean between breakfast and lunch, usually around 10-12 in the morning. A common day to have brunch is Sunday.

    It is NOT a meal at 10pm. That is too late!


    Here in Quebec, Canada, a brunch is, as others have said, something you have with family or friends, usually on weekends. It is usually served at around 10 or 11am because people often sleep in during the weekend, which means that they get up much later than on weekdays because they don't have to go to work or school. It is usually a copious (abundant) meal, with eggs and meat, so it's possible to not have lunch and wait until dinner for the next meal. So basically, the brunch replaces breakfast and lunch.

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