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Please check this sentence

Me keeping a low key doesn't mean I have to. Is this correct? If not, how to correct it? thanks^.^

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    Hmm. I'm assuming you're talking about singing, yes?

    I'd say it more like this: "Just because I sing in a low key doesn't mean I have to do so," or, "My singing in a low key doesn't mean that I need to sing low."

    However, if you're talking about low-key behavior, then we have an entirely different situation. I assumed you weren't talking about this because that's not the sort of colloquialism that a non-native would easily pick up on.

    Also, your third sentence is incorrect. It should say, "If not, how [would you]/[should I] correct it?"

    It is fine.
    You could also try
    Me keeping a low key doesn't mean that I have to.
    As Grant says, "How to " verb ? does not work in English. (How to correct it?X)
    English has no question as neat as 怎么...? 怎么说....?
    How would I correct it?
    How do you say it?
    How does one say ...?
    How should I say ...?.
    But you can say "I will show you how to correct it."


    hey leticia, low key has several keys, including a mild slang.
    i think its not commonly encounterd in oral english, however it can convey a sense of being ordinary, not exaggerating, staying alooooof, (apart from the one Grant mentioned)
    if i ve read you correctly, u meant not letting your ideas go public or keeping things within your immediate society; if so then i guess u can coin that phrase without risking much criticism.
    to be on the safe side, however, remember that a word appears as a minimal unit of expression, but its function may vary considerably depending on the context. and there remain a fair chance that ur tricky friends may kai wen xiao with u- ''why u r doing sth like keeping a low key if u r not really compelled to do so.
    thus it would sound more logical to say ''my keeping a low key doesnt mean i ve got no reason to do otherwise.''
    try it!

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