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what's the difference between satisfactory and satisfying?

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    Satisfactory means that something is "sufficient," or "good enough"

    Satisfying means something that gives you pleasure.

    Examples: The service at this 2-star hotel was satisfactory (meaning it that it is merely good enough, but not great).

    The meal at the reception was really satisfying (meaning that the meal gave you a lot of pleasure).

    Hope this helps.


    If something is satisfactory, it's good enough. If it is satisfying, it's enjoyable and worth doing.

    My boss might say that my performance at work is satisfactory, but it would probably be much better if I found my job satisfying.


    The difference is that "satisfactory" is the adjective and "satisfying" is the present participle.

    EX: Adjective
    The workers were pleased with the satisfactory decision.

    EX: Present Participle
    She is satisfying the requirements of admission one step at a time.
    (The Present Participle is used to create the progressive aspect.)

    Hope this helps! :)

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