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他对这件事情意见 -》do I need a verb like 有 or is it correct in this way? 谢谢!

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    意见 is a noun, which means we need to put a verb.
    对……有意见 is very common in Chinese.

    you should add a verb "有".


    Apparently,there was no verb.So you have to add a verb.
    And then,here it is the verb--“有”。

    You need a verb, because this sentence is not complete."事情“ and "意见" are both noun, and "意见” isn't the complement of "事件“,so they can't get together in this case.
    There are to method to correct it:
    1."他对这件事情有意见。" The meaning of this sentence is he has different opinion on this matter. "他" is the subject. " 有"acts as a predicate verb. "意见" is the object. "对这件事情" is the attributive.
    2."他对这件事情(的)意见是...."It's not a completed sentence but a part of a sentence. People always add a adjective or a phrase to express his or her opinion on this event." 他对这件事情(的)意见" is the subject of the whole sentence, so the "的” between "事情“ and "意见" can be ellipsis in oral Chinese.

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