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What does this sentence mean?


"That will have gone down well with the hundreds of millions of citizens who have learned from experience that you don’t get far in this country without the right connections."

The phrases "go down well", "get far", and "right connections" confuse me.

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    "go down well'

    News of an event that is well received or welcomed. Basically it's when you hear about something and like it.

    'A raise in wages will go down well with the workers who have been underpaid.'

    'News of the bank president's arrest will not go down well with the many people he did business with.'

    "get far"

    To progress or go forward in life but especially relating to professional advancement (as in your job or career).

    'Your article has a lot of mistakes. You won't get far as a journalist if you don't better research your work.'

    "right connections"

    Having the right connections means you know people in positions of power that can help you advance (as in a job) or get something you want. If you have an uncle who is the president of a company and he hires you only because you are his nephew or niece, then that would be considered a right/good connection. This weekend I wanted to see a concert that was sold out, however my brother was able to get me in because he knew the person who managed the club. That is a 'connection'. It doesn't have to just be someone from your family that is a connection. It can be friends or acquaintances. Politicians are known for having the right connections.

    'She was able to get accepted to Harvard even though her grades weren't impressive because her family has all the right connections.'


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