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¿Cómo se traduce chipi chipi en inglés?


En mi clase de la lengua castellana, estábamos viendo la película El diario de la motocicleta y la frase chipi chipi aparece! ¿Alguien puede traducirlo o simplemente explícame lo que significa? Gracias!

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    If you mean in the song, Nah. While is true that it means "drizzle" or "mizzle" (as used in Mexico and in South America), chipi chipi in "Diarios de Motocicleta" has nothing to do with that. There, they're just playing and teasing with the word because it sounds fun and goes well with the rhythm of the song. They could have used instead (e.g.) "chaca chaca". It would have meant the same: nothing/anything. That's a good lesson to learn when hearing Latin American (and Spanish) music that sounds veeeeerrryyyyy "spicy". Maybe some of the 'words' are not :P.

    On the other hand, maybe they're making reference to the word chipi/txipi ('little').

    Additionally, in its sense of "drizzle", "chipi chipi" or "chipichipi" is very colloquial. Don't expect everybody to know what it means.

    chipi chipi se refiere a una llovisna pequeña , con muchas gotas muy finas
    que dura gran parte del dia

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