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What is "엽사를 풀테닷"?

I'm confused with the word with ~ㄹ테닷 at the back?
what does it mean? is it supposed to be a slang or something?
how do i change it to a formal word?

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    That looks just like ㄹ 터이다 to me

    reminds me of ㄹ 텐데, ㄹ 테니까 ... try look it up in grammar text

    I think that expresses along the line of intention, expectation, supposition

    BTW, 터 is one of those 의존명사's like 셈,것,듯,바,지,데. by itself as a noun it is hard to pinpoint its meaning but pairing with another qualifier it often forms certain set expression. It is just one of those patterns you need to learn by heart.

    엽사를 풀테닷 - 엽사 = 엽(기 사)진(bizarre photos), 풀다(테다+ㅅ)풀테닷~ show the pictures.풀다 meaning 'to release' in this sentence but can be used in many ways. ~테다! shows the speakers determination but in this sentence, just for fun. 엽사 is a slang expression from the internet among the young.

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