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How i can write this in korean : with the pronounce .. please ^^*

1-)Happy birthday ....... ??

2-)Welcome ..... ?? or your welcome ?

3-)I'm really sleepy ?

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    1 생일 축하해. 생일 축하해요. 생일 축하합니다. (Formality week ~ strong)
    saeng il chook ha hae. / chook ha hae yo./ chook ha hab ni da.
    natural sound : saeng il choo ka hae. / choo ka hae yo./ choo ka ham ni da.
    2 Thank you. -> You're welcome. You mean?
    Chun man e yo.
    3 너무(진짜) 졸려. 졸려요. 졸립니다.
    neo moo (jin jja) jol lyu. jol lyu yo. jol lib ni da. (natural: jol lim ni da.)

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