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what's the difference between 하여튼, 어쨋든, 어차피,and 아무튼?

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    아 어렵다..설명하기.. 음 ㅠ
    하여튼, 여하튼, 어쨌든 are used in the same way, if I were the speaker.
    and the meanings are "Whatever", or "Anyway".
    For example : 어쨌든 A팀이 경기에서 이겼어! Anyway, Team A won the match. (However the game went.)
    * 어차피, 아무튼 are similar to the former ones in some cases.
    example: 어차피 넌 숙제를 해야해. You will have to do your homework anyway.

    You can type the words on Naver or Daum to see more common examples and dictionary explanations.. Sorry if I wasn't so helpful!

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