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some one tell me difference between "would' and "used to"

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    You can use "would" to indicate a past habit, as well as the other uses that members have given you. In the case of a past habit, it's the past form of using "will" to indicate a present habit (yes, "will" can be used to mean typical or predictable behaviour in the present, as well as its common use to mean future actions).

    If there's much difference between "used to" and "would" for past habits, "used to" indicates a regularity or frequent action, whereas "would" indicates something that typically happened, but probably not always.

    Ok, would is for a invitation, or hypothetical situations (wishes) for example:

    -Would you like to drink a coffee?
    -I would be better student.

    "Used to", is for habits in the past (something that you did in the past and now you don't do it)

    -I used to play in the park, when i was a child.
    -Do you used to play the guitar?

    "Would" has many meanings, and "used to" has two primary meanings - (1) "did something habitually in the past," or when you add a "to be" verb, it means that (2) you are accustomed to something.

    Example for (1): I used to go to church every Sunday when I was living in Boston.
    Example for (2): I'm used to the cold in Minnesota.

    One of the meanings of "would" is the same as (1) above.
    So you can say "I would go to church every Sunday when I was living in Boston." to replace (1) above.

    When "would" is used in one of its many other meanings, it is not the same as "used to."
    (3) "Would you like to have some coffee?" cannot be replaced by "Used to you like to have some coffee?"
    (4) "I would have gone to see her if I had the time" cannot be rewritten as "I used to have gone to see her if I had the time."

    Only in the specific context when you are referring to a habitual action that happened in the past can you use "would" and "used to" more or less interchangeably.

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