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Tenho uma duvida!

I gotta to study now!

I have to study now!


qual a diferença da palavra "have" para a "gotta" no inglês?

no google tradutor as duas frases a cima tem a mesma tradução que no português seria:

Eu tenho que estudar agora!


what is the difference of the word "have" to "gotta" in English?

google translator at the top of the two sentences have the same translation in Portuguese would be:

Eu tenho que estudar agora!

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    You would want to use have to. Gotta is slang for "got to". Americans frequently say I got to... or even I have got to.....

    In speach these phrases sound like I gotta. or I've gotta....

    They're commonly said, but never written.


    I "gotta" study is short for saying, I have got to study.

    I have to study is the same thing :)

    Quando voce viajar para a America, voce vai ouvir GOTTA, muito!!!

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