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What does" 아프고 아파도" mean?

Recently I'm listening to Kim Tae Yoen's song"그리고 하나".
There is a sentence"아프고 아파도". 고 here expresses coordinating relation, right?
도 means "too". 아프&아파 is one word:hurt or paintful. So paintful&paintful?
Since 도 and 또 has the different meaning, I guess maybe the whole meaning is not feeling paintful again and again.
Maybe 아프고 또 아프고 means feeling paintful again and again?
Really confused.
Could you help to explain?

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    -도 does mean 'also' when used with a noun.

    However, used with a verb or an adjective, it means "even though" , "even.."

    아프다 as you know is an adjective that means "hurt, painful," So the 도 here is supposed to mean "even though," so the whole thing is translated directly as

    "even though I'm hurt and hurt"

    and we repeat adjectives in order to emphasize the intensity, so the closest English translation for this would be

    "even though I'm really hurt." or "even though it's really hurtful" depending on the subject.

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