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한국말로 어떻게 말하면 돼요?

When i dont know the meaning of any word, i cant understand the meaning even after teacher's explaination. So, i wanna say " can u make example for me"

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    Rubby, '예를 들어 주다' means 'show some examples" as well.
    주다 - to give
    예를 들다 show (an) example(s).

    선생님, 잘 이해가 안되요. 예를 들어 설명해 주세요.

    agree can be translated as "동의 하다" "의견이 같다"
    I agreed to see her. 나는 그여자를 만나기로 했다.
    The most difficult part in learning Korean is that one Korean word could have lots of meanings as well. So I suggest that you try to get used to using other ways as well.

    "예를 들어주실래요?" "예를 좀 들어주실래요?" "예를 들어 주실수 있으세요?"

    선생님! 선생님은 잘 설맹해도 제가 잘 이해할 수 없습니다요~
    한번 더 예를 들어 설명해 주시겠습니까?
    or something like that.. if your teacher gets angry about these words, not my fault :P

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