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which one is the right sentences : mainichi manga wo yomimasu or mainichi manga wo yondeimasu?

my sensei (not japanese) said the right senteces is mainichi manga wo yondeimasu. because that is something we always do everyday
but my other sensei (japanese) said the right sentences is mainichi manga wo yomimasu.
i was so confused, very confused. should i use what the japanese said or............i still confuse till now
*sorry for my bad english, i'm also still learning english

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    yondeimasu is better*

    yomimas(normal present tense)
    yondeimasu(habitual tense)

    you always read manga everyday,so [yondeimas] is OK (^-^)

    but usually we(japanese) dont read manga everyday.
    so [mainichi yondeimas+manga] sounds not good, maybe you love manga right?then you can say [yondeimas](^-^)

    we use.....ex; [mainichi newspaper wo yondeimas]or[mainichi book wo yondeimas]

    your grammar,tense is good. you will khow japanese feelings*sense*soon

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