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عين الحسود فيها عود


سلام... فيه حد ممكن يقول لي معنى العبارة دي ايه وتتستخدم امتى؟ شكرا! :)

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    هي مثل عربي يقال في العامية، سواء في المصرية أو غيرها، وهذا المثل نقوله نحن المغاربة عين الحسود فيها عود
    ويضرب بها المثل لشخص يحسدك على أمر جميل فيك أو تقوم به، والحسود أو العائن يعين المحسود بالعين كما سلف ذكره في الكثير من المقالات وحتى في الثقافات العربية.

    this is a proverb which means " May it rid of all evil eyes!"


    Literally it means "The eye of the one who envies has a stick in it"

    It's widely believed in Arabic culture, and in Egypt particularly, that Hasad (envy) leads to the loss of the thing you were envied for.
    Hasad حسد is usually translated as 'envy' but it means to envy others for something they have, for example a happy family, a house, a new car .. etc and wish that they lose it.

    People took this seriously in the past. For example if I just bought a new car and the next day I made an accident with it, people would believe it happened because someone envied me for my new car.

    So the sentence means something like :
    May we stay protected from the evil eyes of those who envy
    May the one who envies us have a stick penetrate his eyes by which he envies. :P
    الحسود is the one who envies.

    so evil as you can see. I wouldn't wish that to happen even for someone who envies me :D
    But as a phrase gets repeated over and over, people forget its meaning.
    Nowadays, people don't take this too seriously.

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