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Do Jewish still hate Germans nowadays?

What Nazi had done agitates my whole world when I read it from documentary books, I am wondering...can anybody recover from it?

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    I am Jewish, and I think it is okay to ask the question. I think that talking about things, even if it is difficult, is always better than not talking about them.

    There is an English expression: "time heals all wounds." The Germans who are alive today did not participate in the Holocaust, and I do not hold it against them at all.

    There is nothing special about Germany. Something like that could happen in any place, at any time. When I read about the Rape of Nanking, I feel the same way that you do when you read about the Holocaust.

    What good could come of hating Germans? It was the Germans' hatred of Jews that led to this tragedy. More hatred will not bring back the dead or make the world a better place. Only love and understanding and cooperation can do that.

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