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Polite birthday greeting in Japanese?


I understand that the polite form of "Happy Birthday" in Japanese is

I am learning Japanese weaving and would like to make a poster for my 100 year old mentor so need it to be super polite.

I have two questions:
Her name is Misao Jo and I would like to write something like "Happy Birthday Misao Jo San" or "Happy Birthday Misao Jo Sensei" but am not sure how to add in her name or what would be the most appropriate form to use.

2) I will need to make a break in the characters to make them fit on an A4 poster

But am not sure where the break should go, or does it not matter so much in Japanese? I just don't want it to read 'Happ ybirthdaymi Saosan" or something like that!

Any help will be gratefully received!


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    おめでとうis the stem of the verb, and ございまいすis the ending.
    I would probably choose not to split the stem into two lines. So line 1 (お誕生日)line 2 (おめでとうございます)looks best to me.


    is good considering A4 poster.You can write her name both on the top of it and next line after ございます. It seems to me that the top is better.About question 2,it depends on how usually call her.If you call her Jyo sensei,it'd be OK.But if you call her Jyo san or Misao san,then I'd write simply write Jyo Misao san.

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